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n2pdf: Application integration - now also with C/C++

You are using external applications and are looking for an easy way, to integrate the PDF conversion functionality of n2pdf into your application?

With the current issue of our newsletter we are launching a new series, with which we would like to show you, how you can integrate n2pdf into your external applications.

The series starts off today with C/C++.


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Did you already know...

... that you can easily create complex serial letters with NotesToPaper?

You have simple or complex information in a specific layout that you wish to send to a large number of customers or people individually or recurrently?

Then the serial letter function of NotesToPaper could save you a lot of work here. Create CD/CI compliant serial letters out of the combination addresses, your main text and NotesToPaper report layout/script in no time at all and send it as a printed letter or in digital format.

Find out here how easy that is...




A somewhat different bear hunt - Welcome to the era of viral marketing!

Let yourself be fascinated by a clever, interactive marketing campaign launched by Tipp-Ex - an excellent example for viral marketing.

On YouTube Tipp-Ex presents you a real-looking video about a hunter, who is surprised by a bear in the woods. At first he wants to shoot the bear, but then hesitates. All of a sudden the video is interrupted - the hunter reaches out of the video frame, grabs the Tipp-Ex correction tape from the advertisement next to the video and erases the verb "shoot" in the headline.

And now its your turn - you're the director now!

Should the hunter maybe marry the bear, breakdance or drink a beer with him or tickle him? Just replace the erased verb with another one and thus decide, how the story will continue.

There are (almost) no limits to your imagination...