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Dinner for One

How did you celebrate New Year's Eve? Did you have the classics "raclette" or "fondue" for dinner? Did you celebrate with your family or with your friends? One of our colleagues wanted to do something different this year and so he travelled to New York to celebrate New Year's Eve like never before.


He agreed to share his experience with us...



Why New York?

Almost every year my friends and I don't really know what to do on New Year's Eve. Since we usually still don't know two days before New Year's Eve and I didn't want to stay at home celebrating a "Dinner for One" this year, I made my decision: I'm going to spend New Year's Eve in New York! As several friends of mine are working...






Lotusphere Comes to You

On February 25th everyone, who cannot take part in the Lotusphere in Orlando in January, has the opportunity to keep up to date on the latest trends and developments in the Notes world. Visit the Lotusphere Comes to You Rhineland - the most comprehensive and professional "LCTY" review conference in Europe.
Experience live demos and exciting insider information from the Lotus community with Ed Brill, Ron Sebastian and Otto Förg and his edcom team. Many speakers from the Lotusphere in Orlando will present the top innovations of IBM. (The presentations are in German only!)

SoftVision, as a sponsor, will exhibit at the LCTY 2010. Come and visit us on February 25th at the Swissotel in Dusseldorf/Neuss.


Further information about the Lotusphere Comes to You can be found here.(The info is available in German only!)




webPDF and VMWare - a perfect team

You would like to test webPDF, but you have no time for time-consuming things like installation or configuration? The answer to this problem is webPDF for VMware®. Just download webPDF for VMware® and import this virtual machine into one of the most widely used VMware products such as VMware ESXi®, VMware Player® or VMware Workstation®. Now there is nothing more to do than to start the virtual machine and all services and possibilities of webPDF are available to you.


How to do this in VMware ESXi® is shown in a short video available under the following address:




Akinator - the best mentalist in the world

Be a witness of the best mentalist in the internet by entering the tent of the all-knowing Akinator. The Akinator always knows who is on your mind. Please, try to beat him and assure yourself of his power. But we can guarantee you that he is getting more invincible from day to day. Help him to increase his power by giving him new questions so that he can read even faster who is on your mind. Go into his tent on the following page and challenge him. You will be amazed!