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webPDF 2.0 - The multi-purpose-tool by SoftVision

Experience the simple way to create and digitally sign PDF files by using webPDF 2.0. The universal and versatile tool offers you a wide range of new options. The newly added web service for digital signatures supports SmartCards, file-based certificates and time stamps from any Time Stamp Authority (TSA). By using time stamps you are able to meet an important requirement for qualified electronical signatures that are e.g. required for e-invoicing.


Not only the functions of webPDF have been extended, but also its usability and operability. Manage your websites and all your settings directly via the portal or alternatively through the newly designed webPDF.jclient interface - both are now available in German and English.


Just download the latest demo version of webPDF in our download area and try out the new features. Don't wait for the future - help to shape the future with webPDF today!


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webPDF.jclient presented in our latest video tutorial

Digital signing is the new feature of webPDF 2.0 and offers you the possibility to digitally sign PDF documents. In order to enable this feature, we readjusted the graphical user interface of the webPDF.jclient.


Get an overview of the new graphical user interface with our latest video tutorial. See how to create and digitally sign PDF documents in only a few steps.


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Lotusphere Highlights 2010 - The first and the next 20 years of Lotus Notes

All the latest news and innovations from the Lotusphere 2010 - summarized, condensed and presented by professionals like Ron Sebastian, Ed Brill and many more original Lotusphere speakers. All this and much more you can expect from the Lotusphere Comes to You Rheinland Nachlese on February 25th, 2010 in Dusseldorf/Neuss.


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Online games with an office-friendly camouflage

Secretly take the lead in your company, without your boss noticing it. Become employee of the month by taking out your frustration on reports, minutes or letters. Take some time out with "Breakdown" and remove text in a way that is second to none. Show in "Leadership" that you have a steady hand when it comes to navigation or reduce costs in "Cost Cutter" just like you've always wanted.


And the best part is: All games are designed in a way that your boss and your colleagues will think, that you are working extra hard ;-)...


Find out if you have what it takes to become employee of the month on ...and now roll up your sleeves and get to work - there is a lot that needs to be done!