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webPDF.portal with a new look, just in time for spring...

The first rays of sunlight are breaking through the clouds - spring is coming! After a long winter it is time for a proper spring-cleaning and for clearing out "old" things. This is exactly what we have done - we gave webPDF a new "look and feel". Come visit our newly designed website and enjoy full use of the free conversion service of webPDF. Convert up to 100 different file formats into PDF documents.


Download the latest version under and see for yourself, which functions the server offers you.


Or visit our site and get a first impression with our videos to webPDF.


In case you have questions about the online portal or the webPDF server, do not hesitate to contact our free support via the button "Chat Support" in the top right corner of the website.


Enjoy the new web portal!




Thank your for the strong interest shown in our online survey!

"Standing still is regression" - ... and therefore we constantly work on enhancing our newsletter to match your interests.


In March our newsletter turned one year and we thought that this is the right time to ask you for your opinion. Needless to say, we will react to your wishes and optimize our newsletter accordingly.


In the future our newsletter will inform you even more about our products and successful customer projects. In addition, you will now receive "tips and tricks" for the latest product releases regularly and much more.


So look forward to the upcoming newsletter!


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webPDF.jclient - Little helper for difficult taks

The webpdf.jclient is a graphical user interface, which can be started directly from your workstation. It uses the services of webPDF to convert and digitally sign files.


In line with the development of webPDF, we have enhanced the functionality of the webPDF.jclient by the two features "Drag&Drop" and "TrayIcon". Thus the webPDF.jclient can be minimized as a TrayIcon to the notification area. Spare yourself the repeated opening and closing of the webPDF.jclient and make use of the quick, direct access via the TrayIcon. 



Transfer the source files to the webPDF.jclient per Drag&Drop and create and digitally sign PDF files easily. For this the latest available version of OpenOffice is used.


Try it out for yourself and download the latest version of webPDF:




Time travel - A dream of mankind has come true

Evolution? The internet is permanently revolutionized! What would the internet look like without portals such as Facebook or Twitter - or without all the blogs, bulletin boards and wikis?


Take a journey through the Stone Age of the internet and step into a long-forgotten world. Don't waist any time and take a seat in the Wayback Machine.



The Wayback Machine is ready for take-off. Refuelled and taxiied to the runway by an organisation called "Internet Archive". The fuel tanks are filled with over 150 billion archived websites - enough to take you back to the year 1996.


Read the first time travelogues:


Dear passengers, the Wayback Machine is now ready for boarding:


Have a good journey... uh... time travel ;-)!