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SoftVision customer is Europe's Number One Merchandise Online Shop was founded in 1997 by the entrepreneur and collector Marco Russe. Today, the company serves over 20.000 satisfied return customers throughout Europe. In 1999, when Star Wars Episode 1 was released, already had its own online shop and was "light years" ahead of its competitors, who were limited to retail stores or catalogs...


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Happy Birthday, SoftVision-Newsletter!

This March our newsletter celebrates its first birthday - thank you all for remaining loyal
to us ;-)! We think that this is the right time to tell us what you think about it. Your feedback is very important to us, as we are always interested in improving ourselves and in responding to our customers' wishes. We therefore ask you to please take part in our survey.


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...and to celebrate the occasion, our customer Toy Palace has sponsored some prizes, which will be raffled among the participants:


1st prize: StarWars figure "Yoda"
2nd prize: StarWars figure "Princess Leia Organa"
3rd prize: StarWars figure "Darth Vader"
4th - 10th prize: NotesToPaper-backpack incl. a surprise
11th - 20th prize: IceAge stuffed animal




So much more than just kitchen appliance - the Blendtec blender!

Until now you have probably used your blender only to blend tasty fruits or mix delicious milkshakes. But did your inner child never ask you, what else your blender will blend?


One man in the USA is not afraid to push his blender to the limit - contrary to the user guide. GPS devices, tin cans, golf balls - nothing is safe from him! Even a brand new iPhone became a victim of his curiosity. See for yourself how the iPhone turns to dust, right before your eyes...