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KRÄUTER-MIX: It's the new mix that matters

KRÄUTER MIX is an entrepreneur-led German industrial supplier with about 240 employees and was founded in 1919. The company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001/IFS (Higher Level) - among other certifications - and specialized in manufacturing renewable raw materials for the food, the fruit and herbal tea as well as the pharmaceutical industry. Apart from that KRÄUTER MIX has acquired an excellent reputation as an outsourcing partner ...


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"NotesToPaper 7 is a lucky strike - because seven is known to bring luck ;-)"

A lot can be found in the world wide web about the number seven. Wether its about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and The Valiant Little Tailor with its Seven at one stroke or the Seven Wonders of the World, the seven lives of a cat...

But, today we would like to add yet another point to that list:

Our version 7 of NotesToPaper!!!

... and you don't have to be 007, to find out more about the new version because this link here will bring you directly to our product website with seven-league boots:


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The new version of NotesToPaper is available now to our subscription customers. From the beginning of November the new version will also be available to all other customers and interested parties.




n2pdf: Application integration - Classes, structures and interfaces - now with C#

As already announced in our September newsletter, we will continue our series now, which shall demonstrate, how n2pdf can be used in other "language apparels" as well.

After we have shown you in our previous newsletter, how you can integrate n2pdf into applications using C/C++, it is the turn of C# now.

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A search engine full of mischief...

Every Friday the developers of Join the Company parody a different website. This time they parodied Google. They developed a search engine, which turns your search into an adventure.

How would you like it, if you received the results of someone else's search? For example, a search for cute kittens might quickly return everything Google finds about murder.

Be patient with the search engine "Unluckytime" and don't ask it too many questions. It could happen that "Unluckytime" refuses to search for you, and simply cancels your search with the message "That's bad luck".