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SoftVision customer Kendo24 is the market leader in Germany

Bernd Schwab, the owner of Kendo24, had the idea for the online shop in 2001: At that time, all that had dedicated themselves to the Japanese fencing sport Kendo had the problem that the only shops for the custom-made equipment where in Japan, Korea and the USA, but not in Germany. To ensure that also German clubs could equip their Kendoka without any problems with armor, shinais and uniforms, Kendo24 was launched...


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8 Bytes are the future

64 Bit are equivalent to 8 Byte. And the most up-to-date machinery is capable of processing 8 Bytes in a single cycle - if the software running on the system supports the 64 Bit architecture. The SoftVision products will! The next generation NotesToPaper and n2pdf server versions will be available as either 32 or 64 Bit versions. We will provide more information in our next newsletter...




Tips and tricks for NotesToPaper 6.0


You are looking for a way to merge several lists with different layouts or want to combine your current invoices with a special offer on your latest products?


The multi-table object enables you to create and fill several independent tables in your NotesToPaper report, each having a different layout. This object simplifies the display of large amounts of data with different layouts.


Multi-tableCross table


Cross table

You have large amounts of data, which fill several pages in an unstructured way, or just data from different sources, which can not be displayed in ordinary table layouts?


The cross table is used to evaluate and display different kinds of data in several dimensions. It enables you to e. g. analyze the turnover development per annum and sales region and to create sales reports by numbers and customers, whereby you can calculate the sum by quarters and years. The cross table object offers a number of different layout options.


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Geeks and art?

On the website "" you can see what happens, when the world of geeks, gadgets and technology meets art. Pictures, videos, drawings and some of the most extraordinary, handmade creations will amaze you.


Why don't you start your breakfast with toast - hot from the food printer, turn your living room into a star trek bridge or have your dentist implant your mobile phone directly into your back tooth. There are no limits to creativity!


To say it in the words of the American artist Ad Reinhardt: "Art is art. Everything else is everything else." But get your own picture of one of the funniest and strangest websites in the net: