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The new n2pdf 4.0 - When something good becomes even better!

Now 32 bit more inside!

Focus today on the standard of tomorrow - and set your course for the future with the new 64bit editions of our n2pdf servers. n2pdf 4.0 is ready and waiting for your installation now!

Go to where your latest server hardware already is - to the 64bit era...


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The new n2pdf 4.0 - Standard or Advanced?

Did you ever ask yourself, what the difference is between n2pdf Standard and n2pdf Advanced? n2pdf Advanced simply offers you many new options in combination with webPDF. Maximize your n2pdf-4.0-installation - use n2pdf Advanced!

Certifying, signing and timestamps

What one could read as part of the job profile of a post man, is nothing more than the basic requirements for audit-proof e-invoicing.

All you need to do is to combine n2pdf 4.0 with our webPDF server - our platform-independent Java web service, which not only signs your PDF documents digitally, but which you can also use as a central conversion service.

We call it n2pdf Advanced - You will simply call it efficient!

If solutions only were always that easy...


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The new n2pdf 4.0 - More features, in a nutshell!

n2pdf integration now also possible via Java - Great!

Export Notes UI controls - Check!

Save PDF files in addition as image (TIFF) - archive-friendly!

Expand closed sections - Finally!



Here you will find further information about the n2pdf integration via Java and about enhancements of n2pdf 4.0.




Science For Dummies

Why don't woodpeckers get headaches? How do fish sleep? Why do we have different blood types?

Interesting and unusual questions - simply explained for everyone. "The Naked Scientists" have dedicated themselves to that issue and present their answers to the trickiest questions from different scientific fields such as physics, medicine and biology. Do you have any burning issue? Then you will be especially interested in the sections "Ask TNS" and "Question of the Week". Those of you who are keen to experiment should have a look at "Kitchen Science".


There you will find detailed instructions for experiments, which can be performed with the simplest tools at home. Build a Hovercraft out of a CD and a balloon or - especially for the fans of Star Trek and Star Wars - build your own force field. Radio has gotten too boring for you? Then listen to the exciting podcasts of The Naked Scientists and turn your kitchen into a laboratory.


Here you will find the answers you have been looking for: